Menuairs Dome

Menuairs Dome is an area with a prominent doubly plunging anticline with an abundance of copper showings in and around the dome. The area was targeted for drilling in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, using a syngenetic Zambian copper shale model (Anglo-Durack JV). Historic drilling was focused along zones of copper oxide mineralization developed in shale units that crop out along the margins of the dome.

After several decades of advancement in our understanding of sediment-hosted copper systems, we now believe that the key targets at Menuairs Dome are epigenetic deposits in stratigraphic units in the center of the dome complex.  These have never been tested.

Likewise, copper mineralization at the Campbellmerry prospect to the south of Menuairs Dome (also inside the EMX land position) is interpreted to represent upward “leakage” of mineralization from key stratigraphic units at depth.

Both Menuairs Dome and the Campbellmerry prospect represent “walk up” drill targets. Other targets are also expected to be developed as work proceeds.


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