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Kawashegamuk Lake

The Kawashegamuk project straddles the contact between the silica-rich, granitic Revell Batholith and the intensely sheared and altered Stormy Lake greenstone belt. The sheared intrusive-greenstone contact represents an excellent potential host for metal-bearing fluids.

A historical fluorite occurrence lies within the contact zone (quartz-fluorite-sericite veins and known occurrences in and beyond the property that host up to 5% fluorite along with pyrite, fuchsite, and Sb-Sn-bearing minerals are indicative of a fertile reduced intrusive-related mineralized system(1). Adjacent ultramafic rocks host a Cu-Ni occurrence(2).


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EMX has not performed sufficient work to verify the published assay data reported above, and these data cannot be verified as being compliant with NI43-101 standards. These historically reported data should not be relied upon until they can be confirmed, but EMX believes this information is considered reliable and relevant. Citations: