Mulcahy Gabbro

Mulcahy Gabbro is 44 km E of Dryden and is road accessible. Traces of chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite in layered gabbro, particularly near the lower and middle zone and the troctolite layer, attractive hosts for magmatic Ni-Cu along with pegmatitic gabbro zone (1).

Sulfur saturation at transition from reverse to normal fractionation attributed to mixing of residual and new magmas, represents an untested exploration target for PGEs (2).

Historical work including drilling by Falconbridge (1955) hit trace sulfides (results not released) (3). Trench 7: historical sampling by Coniwoyto Goldfields (1988) returned up to 870 ppb Pd (4). Atikwa Minerals (2003) obtained values up to 1140 ppm Ni, 632 ppm Cu (5).


Map of EMX properties in surrounding area. Click to Enlarge
Geology map of Mulcahy Gabbro area. Click to Enlarge








EMX has not performed sufficient work to verify the published assay data reported above, and these data cannot be verified as being compliant with NI43-101 standards. These historically reported data should not be relied upon until they can be confirmed, but EMX believes this information is considered reliable and relevant.