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EMX’s Richardson project has limited historical exploration due to glacial till cover obscuring the majority of bedrock. The area is dominated by peat operations, but several gold occurrences in the area have been identified in the volcanics due to RC overburden drilling.

Throughout the 90’s, Nuinsco Resources Ltd. drilled nearly 600 RC holes (including 14 on the Richardson central block returning anomalous gold values) resulting in the discovery of the Rainy River Gold deposit* and other high-grade zones(1). In 2008 Range Gold Corp. drilled 28 RC holes in the area (5 on northwestern Richardson block) and identified gold anomalies in till (Richardson central block(2).

The Richardson claim blocks overlie prospective geology comparable to the surrounding gold occurrences and the Rainy River Gold deposit*.


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*The nearby deposits provide geologic context for EMX’s Project, but this is not necessarily indicative that the Project hosts similar tonnages or grades of mineralization