Copperhole Creek

Copperhole Creek is located in Queensland within a window of Georgetown-Forsayth Metamorphics. The project features two styles of mineralization including Cu-Au/ Pb-Zn-Ag breccias and veins associated with regional shearing in Proterozoic metamorphics, as well as greisen style Sn-Mo-Cu mineralization hosted within Carboniferous granites. Nearby properties (Einasleigh Cu Mine & Chloe & Jackson Deposits) with resources show similar grades and styles of mineralization of those historically recorded within the license.

There are extensive historic workings across the license that have seen limited exploration (See Table below for more details). Of particular interest is the Questend prospect described as having a 600m strike length. Questend has seen two historic drillholes, of which one intercepted 12m @ 3.27% Cu, 0.66% Zn, 51 g/t Ag, and 0.26% Sn. This historic drilling did not test for gold, and was never followed up. 


Prospect Sample Type Analytical Values Description Target
Dorothy Underground sampling 8.79% Cu, 3.36% Pb and 4.85% Zn1 20m long x 2m wide x 10m deep lens of Cu-Pb-Zn quartz vein Never systematically explored or drilled
Questend Percussion drilling 12m @ 3.27% Cu 0.66% Zn, 51 g/t Ag, 0.26% Sn  2-3 subparallel fissure veins with 600m strike

Historic operators didn’t test for gold; percussion drilling never followed up

Avalon Dump sample 10.9% Cu and 5 oz Ag 1.5m quartz vein along a 1m wide chloritic selvedge of Cu-bearing schist No record of sampling or modern exploration
George - Ag occurrence 75m strike length No modern sampling
Enterprise Rock chip sample 2.4g/t Au, 0.3% Cu, 0.1% Pb2 Abandoned Cu prospect within Forsayth Granite Au values never fully quantified

EMX has not performed sufficient work to verify the published assay results, and these data cannot be verified as being compliant with NI43-101 standards. 

1 Underground sampling was completed by Bridge Minerals in 1971 and reported to Queensland Geologic Survey in Annual Report Georgetown District Eveleigh Block (cr_3533.pdf.)
2 Rockchip samples were reported by BP Minerals in Final Report A.TO P.1806 Georgetown Region- Queensland (cr_7585.pdf)



Geology and Cu-Ag prospects at Copperhole Creek Click to Enlarge