Jean Lake

Jean Lake is 9.7 km W of Matachewan and is road accessible. Prospective geology is covered by veneer of younger rocks in area hosting several gold occurrences. The Stairs Gold Mine is 9 km W of the property. It was in production from 1965-1966 and has a historical reserve (non-compliant) (1). The Laroma prospect is 5.5 km W of Jean Lake. It hosts visible gold in network of narrow quartz veins; chip sample returned 1.34 oz/t and 60 lb bulk sample assayed 0.76 oz/t; zone of intense carbonate alteration in center of property area(2); veins strike E-W(3). The Doon property, 2.5 km E, hosts E-NE well-developed steeply plunging lineations associated with mineralization in the area; till sampling returned an isolated high gold value of 23.6 g/t(4).

EMX has not performed sufficient work to verify the published assay data reported above, and these data cannot be verified as being compliant with NI43-101 standards. These historically reported data should not be relied upon until they can be confirmed, but EMX believes this information is considered reliable and relevant. 
*Nearby mines and deposits provide context for the project, but do not necessarily indicate similar size, styles or grade of mineralization within the project.


Geology map of Jean Lake Area. Click to Enlarge