Trigger, Nevada

The Trigger Property is located 40 km northeast of Eureka, Nevada. It can be accessed by State Highway 892 paved to southern end of property, remainder accessible via well-maintained gravel roads and 4x4 trails. It is comprised of 133 unpatented BLM lode claims and is 100% owned by EMX. It surrounds the historic Gunman property (currently held by Pasinex Res.) and is mineralization upside open to east.

The host rocks are Permian Carbon Ridge (Pcr), Pennsylvanian Ely Limestone, Favorable Mississippian carbonates project beneath post-mineral basin to the east. Structurally, there are a series of N-S trending anticline-syncline folds which suggests potential for a more favorable antiformal structural target under post-mineral basin cover as more productive host strata (Ely-Chainman) approach the surface. There is extensive silicification of clastic “cap rock” above CRD-style replacement in carbonate members of Permian Carbon Ridge Fm. Additionally, there are abundant milky quartz veins and an oxidized sulfide trend 060-080° across a structural high in Newark Valley towards the Bald Mountain Mine. A hot spring sinter and travertine are also located in Newark Valley approximately 5 km ENE.

The primary CRD target has an eastward vectoring alteration covered by QT alluvium along the eastern range front. There is distal CRD mineralization on an eastern limb of an exposed syncline which presents an exciting opportunity for proximal source mineralization in an anticline beneath cover. Shallow alluvial cover presents an ideal scenario for geophysical targeting of the eastward extension of known CRD mineralization.

The property is a favorable environment for discovery of epithermal mineralization beneath the shallow cover between Trigger and Bald Mountain, along a regional trend of mineralization.

*Nearby mines and deposits provide context for the project, but do not necessarily indicate similar size, styles or grade of mineralization within the project.


Geological map of Trigger project and target areas. Click to Enlarge


Picture of mineralized breccia outcrop. Click to Enlarge
Geologist overlooking outcrop with stockwork quartz. Click to Enlarge