This is an intriguing Ni-Cu-PGE prospect that has seen historical exploration by several companies over the past 45 years but has been previously encumbered by social license issues. EMX has been engaging with the local community, however, and thus far discussions have been positive and we have made good progress in socializing the concepts of exploration and mineral development. Working in our favor is the new sentiment in Norway that the country must be more proactive in mineral resource development to accommodate the green economic shift. We believe that a window may be opening for advancement of these types of projects in Norway and in previously challenging areas.

Gallujarvi is a 5km long ultramafic intrusion comprised of metapyroxenite with cumulate textures. Disseminated sulfide mineralization is exposed at the surface with ~4% sulfide content enriched in Ni, Cu, PGE and Au. This mineralization has been recognized in four outcrop areas over a 2.5 km trend. The most significant work done in the past at Gallujarvi was by ASPRO in 1976, who drilled 10 reconnaissance holes with a combination of “backpack” drill devices and two holes with a conventional diamond rig. Sulfide mineralization was reported in 9 of the 10 historic ASPRO holes. Tertiary Minerals drilled an additional three holes in 2003 and reported sulfide mineralization in all three holes.

From 2010-2012 AngloAmerican and Store Norske Gull conducted more extensive till sampling programs at Gallujarvi, which significantly extended the known trend of mineralization. This work also showed anomalism along the untested basal (stratigraphic bottom) contact of the intrusion, and an extensive unexplained anomaly positioned ~500 meters to the east of the main trend in gabbroic rocks. IP surveys showed strong chargeability highs along the entire tend of the eastern, stratigraphic upper contact zone. No further exploration or drilling has been conducted to our knowledge.


Geological map and cross section of the Gallujavri project Click to Enlarge