Buckhorn Creek, Arizona

Buckhorn Creek is a porphyry copper project located approximately 25 kilometers east-northeast of Wickenburg, Arizona and is available for partnership. The target is a previously untested porphyry copper system largely concealed beneath post-mineral cover. Deeper and peripheral structural levels of the system are exposed in basement windows between post-mineral extensional faults. Porphyry-style alteration and mineralization expressed in the basement windows vectors toward the area of post-mineral cover on EMX's property.

The presence of leached-cap and mineralized and altered porphyry clasts with local copper oxide in basal post-mineral conglomerates suggests a proximal source concealed beneath volcanic cover rocks on EMX's property. Felsic porphyry dikes containing quartz-chalcopyrite veins cut the basement rocks adjacent to the post-mineral cover. During a previous partnership on the project, an IP survey yielded a 600m long chargeability anomaly concealed beneath the post-mineral cover rocks, at a depth of approximately 200m. Drill sites have been permitted to test the chargeability anomaly, and project is ready for quick exploration follow-up.


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Intense stockwork quartz-K-feldspar(±chalcopyrite) veins with K-feldspar envelopes in adjacent structural blocks to the Buckhorn Creek project. Click to Enlarge

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