Swift, Nevada

Swift is a Carlin-style gold project along the northwest projection of the Cortez Trend in Nevada. Windows to prospective lower-plate rocks in the Shoshone range have recently been recognized as north to northwest trending anticlinal folds that postdate the Roberts Mountains Thrust. The anticlines served as conduits for mineralizing fluids at the Pipeline and Goldrush deposits located southeast of Swift along the Cortez Trend. The anticline exposed at the Goat Ridge window projects across the EMX land position and toward Elder Creek.  Elder Creek contains Carlin-style mineralization hosted in upper plate rocks. 

Previous exploration targeted lower-plate rocks beneath Elder Creek, but neglected the 35° eastward post-mineral tilting in the Shoshone Range. Vertical holes drilled from Elder Creek appear to have drilled into a separate fault block before intersecting the Roberts Mountains Formation. 

EMX is targeting 1) untested lower-plate rocks down-plunge from the Elder Creek Mine, along the projection of the Goat Ridge window anticline, 2) shallow tests of lower-plate rocks beneath sulfide-bearing alteration in the upper plate near  the Mill Creek Window, and 3) mineralization in lower-plate rocks beneath surface alteration and a multi-element geochemical anomaly at Ferris Creek.

EMX entered into an option to purchase agreement for the Swift project with Ridgeline Minerals Corporation (“Ridgeline”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carlin-Type Holding Ltd (“CTH”), a privately-held British Columbia corporation. The Agreement provides EMX with a 9.9% interest in CTH, and for each Project a 3.25% production royalty and advance royalty and milestone payments.

*Nearby mines and deposits provide context for the project, but do not necessarily indicate similar size, styles or grade of mineralization within the project.


Location of the Swift project Click to Enlarge
Geology of the Swift project. Previous drilling attempting to test the lower-plate beneath Elder Creek (hole EC-2) did not recognize the importance of post-mineral normal faulting and never tested target rocks. Click to Enlarge
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