Revelo Portfolio

EMX’s Revelo royalty portfolio in Chile resulted from EMX’s purchase of NSR royalty interests covering 16 properties from Revelo Resources (Revelo was subsequently acquired by Austral Gold Limited (ASX: AGD; TSX-V: AGLD)). The royalty properties consist of porphyry copper, IOCG/manto, and epithermal gold-silver projects and occur in northern Chile’s highly productive Coastal (i.e., Amancaya and Manto Verde deposits), Paleocene (e.g., El Penon and Spence deposits) and Domeyko (e.g., Escondida, Chuquicamata, and El Albra deposits) metallogenic belts.

The prospective geology covered by the Revelo royalty protfolio provides EMX with significant commodity and upside exploration optionality. The projects in the portfolio are at various early stages of exploration assessment and are summarized in the table below (NSR royalty interest applies to all metals, except as noted). Some properties have been reacquired by EMX.


Project Name





NSR Royalty


Project Owner
San Guillermo 12,000 Au-Ag 0.5% Austral Gold Ltd
Limbo 5,600 Au-Ag 1.0% Austral Gold Ltd
Magallanes 1,000 Au-Ag 1.0% Austral Gold Ltd
Victoria Norte 38,400 Au-Ag / Cu-Mo   EMX Royalty

Colla Kananchiari

3,900 Au-Cu-Ag 1.0%/0.5% * Masglas America Corp
San Valentino 1,100 Cu-Au-Mo 1.0% Atacama Copper Exploration
T4 1,900 Cu-Au 1.5% Atacama Copper Exploration
Las Animas 3,900 Cu-Au 1.5% Atacama Copper Exploration
Victoria Sur 6,600 Au-Ag-Cu 1.0% Austral Gold Ltd
Arrieros 14,000 Cu-Mo-Au 1.0% Pampa Metals Corp
Redondo-Veronica 5,000 Cu-Mo   EMX Royalty
Sierra de Varas/Block-3 10,000 Cu-Mo   EMX Royalty
Block-4 4,200 Cu-Mo 1.0% Pampa Metals Corp
Cerro Blanco 6,500 Cu-Mo-Au   EMX Royalty
Cerro Buenos Aires 7,700 Cu-Mo-Au-Ag 1.0% Pampa Metals Corp
Morros Blancos 7,900 Cu-Au-Mo 1.0% Pampa Metals Corp
* 1% NSR precious metals, 0.5% NSR base metals

Also see EMX news release dated March 20, 2020 for more information. 

*References made to nearby mines and analogous deposits provide geologic context for the Revelo royalty properties. However, this is not necessarily indicative that the properties hosts similar grades or tonnages of mineralization.


Location of EMX Royalties acquired through Revelo Click to Enlarge