Sleeping Beauty, Arizona

Sleeping Beauty is a porphyry copper project in the Globe-Miami District of Central Arizona and is available for partnership. EMX is targeting the middle to upper structural levels of the Pinto Valley-Copper Cities porphyry copper trend. The east-northeast-striking Sleeping Beauty Fault (SBF) transected the porphyry center, down-dropping portions of the system to the north-northwest, including a portion of the deposit at the Copper Cities mine.

Targets at Sleeping Beauty include primary copper sulfides and supergene-enriched mineralization offset from the Copper Cities deposit in addition to adjacent portions of the system. These fault displaced targets may include portions of the system in the transition between potassic and sericitic alteration. In many porphyry centers, that transition correlates with higher primary copper grades.

Note: The nearby mines and deposits in the region provide context for EMX's Project, which occurs in a similar geologic setting, but this is not necessarily indicative that the project hosts similar mineralization.


Schematic section across the SBF. Mineral zonation in the Copper Cities block suggests mineralization may be preserved in the down-dropped block NW of the SBF. Click to Enlarge
Map showing NW extension of the Copper Cities deposit and apparent displacement by the Sleeping Beauty Fault (SBF). Click to Enlarge
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View facing south, from the project area to the Copper Cities pit. Click to Enlarge

Project Flyer

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