Dent-Jackson Manion

The Dent-Jackson Manion project is located 70 km NE of the town of Ear Falls, within the Red Lake mining jurisdiction. Access to the property is via boat on Woman River and Little Woman lake.

Dent-Jackson Manion is located along the Rowe-Woman Lake Deformation zone within the Birch-Uchi-Confederation Lakes greenstone belt, host to First Mining’s Springpole deposit. The nearby Jackson-Manion mine commenced production in 1934 and produced continuously until 1940¹. The mine produced 27 koz Au from 105 ktons at an average grade of 0.258 oz/ton¹. Since then, limited exploration programs have been conducted by Orofino Resources, Fronteer Development Group, Condor Precious Metals and Cross River Ventures.

EMX geologists conducted a 3-day prospecting program in 2023, where they were able to validate the strong alteration and deformation described in previous reports associated with two mineralized zones on the property: Little Woman Lake East and Wolf Zone.

Mineralization at the Little Woman Lake East Zone is associated with the contact of the Little Bear Lake Pluton and supracrustal rocks of the Birch-Uchi greenstone belt to the north. EMX 2023 rock sampling yielded samples of up to 4.14 g/t Au (min: BDL max: 4.14 g/t average: 0.78 g/t n=7) from the East Little Woman Lake Zone. Mineralization is interpreted to be controlled by a 2nd order splay off of the Woman-Rowe Lake Deformation Zone, which roughly follows the contact of the Little Bear Lake Pluton. The Little Woman Lake East Zone has several trenches, pits and shafts, though no historical production has been reported.

The Wolf Zone is an area of strong iron-carbonate alteration and veining, in 2023, EMX validated the low-grade historical results. Preliminary interpretation suggest the Wolf Zone may be related to a splay off of the Woman-Rowe Deformation Zone. In 2012, Condor Precious Metals drilled two diamond drillholes, intersecting low grade, narrow shear zones at depth, further work is required in this area to determine the relationship between mineralization, alteration and the Rowe-Woman Lake Deformation Zone.

EMX plans to complete a more in-depth field program to expand the mineralized footprint at the Little Woman Lake East Zone and better evaluate the Wolf Zone.

*Nearby mines and deposits provide context for the project, but do not necessarily indicate similar size, styles or grade of mineralization within the project.
*EMX has not performed sufficient work to verify the published assay data referenced above, and these data cannot be verified as being compliant with NI43-101 standards. These historically reported data should not be relied upon until they can be confirmed, but EMX believes this information is considered reliable and relevant. 
*EMX rock chip samples are collected in accordance with industry standard best practices. Samples are submitted to ALS in Thunder Bay where they are prepped for analysis. Accredited control samples (blanks and accredited standards) are inserted into the sample suite regularly. Samples are dried, weighed, crushed (70% < 2mm), and riffle split into two fractions. One is retained (coarse reject) and the other is pulverized to 85% < 75µm. Pulps are analyzed by ultra-trace ICP-MS ME-MS61 and Gold by Fire Assay Au-ICP21. Over detection limit samples are reanalyzed using ore grade Au by Fire Assay with gravimetric finish by aqua regia (Au-GRA21).
(1) Parker, J.R. and Atkinson, B.T. 1992. Gold occurrences, prospects and past-producing mines of the Birch Confederation Lakes area; Ontario Geological Survey, Open File Report 5835, 332p. 


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