The historic mining area of Hosanger is located outside of Bergen and is characterized by ortho-magmatic Ni-Cu-Co mineralized systems. The precious metal endowment is noted but unassessed, representing considerable upside to the project. The mineralization is hosted in metamorphosed norite, which is part of a pre-Cambrian anorthositic suite which is considered to be part of the same units as the Voisey’s Bay deposit in Labrador, Canada. 

Several parts of the same gabbroic intrusion are untested and remain promising targets. Additional intrusions are underexplored in the area and represent further upside.

Note: The nearby mines and deposits mentioned above provide context for EMX’s Project, which occurs in a similar geologic setting, but this is not necessarily indicative that the project hosts similar tonnages or grades of mineralization.



Geological map highlighting target areas. Click to Enlarge
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Aerial view of Hosanger. Click to Enlarge