Àguila de Cobre, Arizona

Àguila de Cobre is a porphyry Cu-Mo project located ~120 kilometers west of Phoenix, in central Arizona and is available for partnership. Exposed structural blocks of altered intrusive rocks with anomalous base metal and Mo geochemical signatures occur on the property. The target areas are located under a thin veneer of post-mineral pediment adjacent to the altered intrusive rocks.

Surface observations suggest there are two discrete porphyry systems, based on the >20 km2 footprint of outcropping porphyry style alteration. Preserved supracrustal rocks in the range indicate a minimum of 70o of southwest tilt has been superimposed on the porphyry systems.

Historic drilling intersected sericitized porphyry dikes and host rocks with up to 5-7 vol% pyrite beneath shallow (<80 meters) pediment. Visible Cu-oxide mineralization is present in drill cuttings surrounding the collars. The historic drill holes were all shallow, designed to test for the limits of the alteration footprint of the southern system. Both systems remain open in all directions.


Quartz-pyrite±chalcopyrite veins with sericite envelopes Click to Enlarge
Quartz-pyrite-molybdenite±chalcopyrite vein with sericite envelope Click to Enlarge
Quartz-pyrite-chalcopyrite vein with sericite envelope Click to Enlarge
Cuttings from historic drilling showing multiple sericitized porphyries and Cu-ox after sulfides Click to Enlarge