Joyce River

At Joyce River, the Joyce River Gabbro is in contact with magnetite facies banded iron formation hosted in gneiss (exposed in trenches). Trenches (completed by Prospector Ray Frank from ‘06-’10) reveal significant mineralization (5% pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite) in veins and clots as well as sulphide-bearing quartz veins within the gabbro, which is 5m wide at surface (1). In 2012 Advanced Exploration Inc. conducted Helicopter EM, mag, mapped, soil sampled and trenched(1). EM anomalies identified over a 1.6 km trend(2). Meteoric Resources drilled 4 holes in 2019 targeting mainly Au and Co unsuccessfully(2), yet intersecting 1.845% Cu over 0.61 meters.


Geology and Electromagnetics map of Joyce River Area. Click to Enlarge
Map of EMX properties in surrounding area. Click to Enlarge



*NOTE: True widths are unknown. EMX has not performed sufficient work to verify the published data reported above, but believes the data is reliable and relevant