Norway is EMX’s latest exploration jurisdiction.  Through near-mine, open-ground staking, EMX has secured over a dozen exploration assets and is the largest mineral-rights holder in Norway.  Acquisitions included gold-rich VMS, IOCG, and replacement-style and carbonate-dominant mineralization styles. Prospects are located with the world-class Røros, Kongsberg, and Kåfjord mining districts.

Norway boasts low energy costs, low corporate tax rates, a predictable and efficient administration, no withholding tax on royalty payments, no government royalty, and an experienced work force.  There are 6 smelters in the region, deep water ports, and excellent nationwide rail.  Most roads are accessible year round and are paved. 

Although historically mining-friendly, the oil economy has been a boon to Norway.  However, in the face of shifting economic focus, the minerals industry is roaring back to Norway such that it is experiencing a renaissance of mineral exploration and mining.   EMX is well-positioned as a first mover in Norway controlling vast tracts of highly prospective ground since 2014. Norway is an ideal locality to explore for mineral opportunities.


Burfjord project - hematite-bornite quartz-jasper vein in gabbro. Click to Enlarge