Golden Sunrise, Nevada

Golden Sunrise is a Carlin-style disseminated gold project located in northeastern Nevada and is available for partnership. The Golden Sunrise project offers the potential for a district-scale discovery, containing five target areas in a hydrothermal system exposed over 52 square kilometers.

Alteration and mineralization are localized at the stratigraphic contacts between silicliclastic and carbonate units of Devonian to Mississippian age. Extensive concordant and discordant zones of hydrothermal alteration are characterized by jasperoid, de-calcification, dolomitization, and sulfide veining. Anomalous to highly anomalous gold and pathfinder elements (As, Sb, Hg, Tl) are distributed throughout the altered zone and highlighted by rock chip and BLEG sampling. Post-mineral extension has resulted in the structural dismemberment of the hydrothermal system across the range. Where extensional faults juxtapose adjacent stratigraphic units, they conceal prospective stratigraphic contacts beneath approximately 100 meters of structural cover. In addition, the extensional faulting preserves the west-tilted target rocks at shallow depths (see cross section below), and create large untested target areas.

Historic exploration completed on the project in the 1980’s and 1990’s focused primarily on outcropping jasperoid. A new understanding and interpretation of the extensional faulting in the project area provides significant upside to test previously un-explored areas of outcropping alteration and mineralization.


Cross section through the Hunter Springs target area. Target areas at the Guilmette-Pilot and Joana-Chainman contacts are shown in red ellipses. Note the post-mineral faulting repeats altered jasperoid, and mineralized rocks. Click to Enlarge
Geologic, alteration and geochemical map of the Golden Sunrise project. Alteration shown as: jasperoid: shaaded red; sulfide veining: red cross hatching, dolomitization: tan shading Click to Enlarge


Decalcified Joana limestone cut by sulfide veinlets in the High Hopes target area contains highly anomalous As (>1,000ppm), Sb (>100ppm), and weakly anomalous Au. Click to Enlarge
NNE-oriented discordant jasperoid within Joana limestone in the Hunter Springs target. Jasperoid is composed of brecciated chert and silicified limestone clasts. Jasperoid zones outward into decalcified limestone. Click to Enlarge

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