EMX’s Mauken project is located in northern Norway, within a tectonic window (through Caledonian cover) of Paleoprotero-zoic greenstones that directly correlate in age, rock type and structure to the Central Lapland Greenstone (CLGB). The CLGB hosts multiple deposits including multiple historic gold mines and the active Agnico Eagle’s Kittila Mine, which is Europe’s largest gold mine*.

The project contains orogenic style gold mineralization in the central Main Zone and polymetallic Au-Ag-Cu-Co minerali-zation at the Nordmoen Target in the southeast. The host rock comprises greenschist facies metamorphosed felsic and mafic volcanics that have been intruded by granodiorites (1.8-1.7 Ga). The Mauken Main Zone comprises silicified intermediate felsic volcanic rocks within a NW-SE trending shear zone with disseminated arsenopyrite. Historic sampling showed up to 5.79 g/t Au1 and multiple mineralized samples along a strike of at least 1750 m. The geochemistry of the mineralized zone shows a very strong Au-As correlation. The Nordmoen Target mineralization is hosted in shallow dipping, tightly folded quartz-carbonate altered mafic schists, with a historic sample assaying 3.1 g/t Au, 136 g/t Ag and 9.2 % Cu1. EMX fieldwork showed that the rocks at Nordmoen contain additional cobalt-mineralization.

In 2023, EMX conducted a BLEG program and a large soil survey2, both showing a clear NW and SE extension of the Main Zone mineralization, possibly up to 7.5 km.

*Nearby mines and deposits provide context for the project, but do not necessarily indicate similar size, styles or grade of mineralization within the project.

Historic sampling was conducted by Scandinavia Highlands in 2008-2010 and reported to the NGU in report: The Mauken gold project, Northern Norway. Scandinavian Highlands Exploration Report and EMX has not performed sufficient work to verify the published assay data, and these data should not be verified as being compliant with NI43-101 standards. These data should not be relied upon until they are confirmed, however EMX considers the data to be reliable and relevant.

2 EMX soil samples were collected in accordance with industry standard best practices. Samples are collected in the field and sampled using pXRF Olympus Vanta-M with Rh-anode. Once the sample is collected in the field there is no sample preparation prior to analysis. Accredited control samples (blanks and accredited standards) are inserted into the sample intervals regularly. The pXRF results are to be considered estimates and have not been independently checked with a certified laboratory but are considered to be relevant and reliable.


Mauken Project geology, targets, and arsenic soil survey - indicating a NW-SE extension of the Main Zone mineralization Click to Enlarge
2023 BLEG program results Click to Enlarge