Revenue Gulch, Utah

The Revenue Gulch Property is located in the Marysvale/Mt. Baldy Mining Districts, 250 km south of Salt Lake City, Utah. It can be accessed by paved highway and gravel roads. And there are agreements in place with local private landowners to provide access for exploration/drilling.

The Revenue Gulch target concept was generated as part of an exploration alliance with a focus in Utah to explore the Tertiary magmatic arc in western Utah. To the south of Revenue Gulch, MAG Silver has recognized carbonate replacement mineralization at their Deer Trail Project and proposed that porphyry “hubs” underlie Mt. Brigham and Deer Trail Mountain. However, there is evidence for additional base metal mineralization much farther north at the Rainbow and Copper Belt Mines, which is unrelated to the hydrothermal systems at Deer Trail. EMX recognized alteration and mineralization zonation, as well as outcrops and occurrences of porphyry dikes, which suggest there is a separate porphyry center (or several) north of the Deer Trail Mine area. 

At Revenue Gulch, EMX has observed base and precious metal mineralization of vein and replacement styles in high-level epithermal settings, largely in poor host rocks at the present day surface. The presence of base and precious metal mines and prospects in mid-Tertiary, high-level volcanic rocks and unreactive upper Mesozoic sandstone units in the Revenue Gulch area suggest a robust mineralizing system. Prospective Palezoic carbonate host rocks in the stratigraphic package at depth are alluring targets.

*Nearby mines and deposits provide context for the project, but do not necessarily indicate similar size, styles or grade of mineralization within the project.


Geology and targets at the Revenue Gulch project Click to Enlarge