Dagny Lake

Dagny Lake is located 80km north of Sioux Lookout, Ontario in Dagny Lake Township. It is 2,862 ha over 135 contiguous claims and is accessible by numerous logging roads. There is a supportive community within a historic mining district.

*Regional geology is ultramafic-hosted (Ni-Cu-Co) target hosted within the English River Subprovince in the same belt that hosts the Werner-Rex Lake cobalt deposits 250km to the west. Locally, the Dagny Lake Township was mapped by the government as metasediments and foliated tonalite-granodiorite suites and muscovite-bearing granitic rocks.

From 1999 to 2002, the Ontario Geological Survey participated in province-wide sampling programs based on high resolution geophysical surveys, and Dagny Lake was a part of the survey. Several areas of elevated metal content were delineated in lake sediment samples. The area was anomalous >99 percentile for Ni, Cu and Co.

In 2017, an airborne TMI geophysical grid magnetic survey was conducted in Ontario. It displays strong linear features within the Dagny Lake land package. The linear magnetic-high features indicate a likelihood of linear geological features. They suggest stronger magnetic components are present which suggests ultramafic affinity which is an excellent host for Ni-Cu-Co minerals.

The source of the metal anomalies in this area should be evaluated, mapping, BOT drilling, high-resolution local geophysical survey


Map of the geophysics of Dagney Lake. Click to Enlarge
Map of location and geology of Dagny Lake Area Click to Enlarge

*NOTE: The nearby mines provide geologic context for EMX’s Project, but this is not necessarily indicative that the Project hosts similar tonnages or grades of mineralization