EMX’s Eidsvoll Project is located in the Mjosen- Vanern District, comprising more than one hundred small base and precious metal vein deposits occurring distributed along the Mylonite Zone (MZ) and its hanging-wall rocks in Norway and Sweden.

Deposits comprise three major types. The Eidsvoll type at the southwest margin of the MZ is characterized by auriferous pyrite-chalcopyrite-bearing quartz veins, whereas Odal type deposits, found throughout the MZ, comprised of Cu sulfide mineralization in narrow ductile shear zones. The Grinder type occurring at the northeastern margin of the MZ comprised up to 100-m wide zones of pyrite-sericite phyllonites.

Native gold is invariably confined to 10–100-m-long segments of the veins where the early barren quartz and associated sericite alteration are superimposed by irregularly distributed mineralisation of Fe and Cu sulphides.

Exploration upside exists along strike from historic mines, as well has throughout the MZ.

Note: The nearby mines and deposits mentioned above provide context for EMX’s Project, which occurs in a similar geologic setting, but this is not necessarily indicative that the project hosts similar tonnages or grades of mineralization


Geological map of area surrounding Eidsvoll. Click to Enlarge