North and South Toquima, Nevada

EMX’s North and South Toquima Projects are Carlin-style targets in one of the few established multi-million ounce Carlin-style Au districts in Nevada. The host rocks at the North and South Toquima Projects are Ordovician-Silurian Lower Plate carbonate units (Hanson Creek, Roberts Mountains Fm.), Ordovician Upper Plate Zanzibar Formation (equivalent to the Vinini Fm. in northern Nevada), with minor Pennsylvanian Antler overlap limestone and syn- to post-mineral volcanics and dikes.

EMX recognized that the key anticline which hosts mineralization at the nearby Northumberland deposit projects north and south onto the respective projects, with prospective host units shallowly concealed. Both projects display km-scale zones of argillization, silicification, and decalcification. There are widespread “exhaust” calcite vein swarms associated with felsic porphyry dikes, which could potentially represent an upper expression of concealed Carlin-style mineralization.

A reconnaissance soil sampling program revealed a strong correlation between Au-Ag-As-Sb in areas of intense alteration, while BLEG sampling revealed highly anomalous Au across key target areas.

Note: The district endowment was reported by Fronteer Gold in “Technical Report on the Northumberland Project Nye County, Nevada, USA: Resource Update 2008. Qualified Person: Christopher Lee, P.Geo, Jim Ashton, P.Eng.” EMX has not done sufficient work to classify the historical estimate as a current mineral resource defined by NI 43-101 regulation, and EMX is not considering this estimate as a current resource, but believes the estimate is relevant and reliable.

*Nearby mines and deposits provide context for the project, but do not necessarily indicate similar size, styles or grade of mineralization within the project.


Geology of the North and South Toquima projects Click to Enlarge
Cross section (A-A’) showing control on mineralization in lower plate carbonate units within the Northumberland anticline ~5km north of the South Toquima project. From Selwood, 2020, Assessing the Potential for Carlin-type Gold in Northern Nye County, Nevada. M.S. Thesis. Click to Enlarge