EMX’s Sigdal project is located near the town of Prestfoss in Bukerud in southern Norway within a historic nickel mining area. The area is underexplored with little modern exploration.

Mineralization is associated with mafic to ultra-mafic rocks intruded by granites then complexly folded. Coarse-grained sulfide recrystallization occurred due to a high-grade metamorphic overprint during the Svecogegnian Orogeny (1600-1450 Ma). Structures are located along a regional scale fault and focus fluid flow that are related to fold events.

Mineralization includes accumulations of nickel and copper sulfides, remobilized mineralization into pods and elongate bodies of semi-massive and massive sulfides, and structurally controlled mineralization along shear zones and within tight centimeter to meter scale folds.

EMX has defined several targets. These include the exploration around the historic Grågalten mine which is undefined at depth and areas located along a regional shear zone. As well as, further testing of EM anomalies drilled by Blackstone Ventures (Falconbridge) and clear structural targets such as fold hinges.

EMX believes that application of modern and updated mineral deposit models and new exploration technologies will likely result in new discoveries at Sigdal. 

*Nearby mines and deposits provide context for the project, but do not necessarily indicate similar size, styles or grade of mineralization within the project.

**EMX has not performed sufficient work to verify the published geochemical, drill and resource data. However, the values in various documents available from the NGU (Norwegian Geological Survey) are considered reliable and relevant.


Geological map of Sigdal. Click to Enlarge


Grågalten Mine Entrance at the Sigdal project Click to Enlarge
Grågalten Mine Entrance and room Click to Enlarge