Highbank Lake

EMX’s Highbank Lake covers portion of the Fish Trap Intrusive Complex (FLIC) in the Porcupine Mining District. The FLIC is composed generally of folded, layered sequences of gabbro, anorthosite and pyroxenite which can be traced for up to 26km using regional geophysics(1). Historic drilling has confirmed the intrusive complex is mineralized at multiple depths. A number of features indicate regional folding, which could result in repeated mineralized beds occurring on EMX’s land position. 

Mineralization is interpreted as part of a to 22km curvilinear, magnetite-rich, PGE-bearing reef which skirts the Highbank project(2). Significant Pt-Pd anomalies have been identified in soils nearby(2) and nearby drilling (00’s) intersected sulfide mineralization at multiple intervals although no assay results are reported(3).

The property is located 30km south of Wyloo Metals’ Ring of Fire project which hosts deposits of chromite, nickel-copper-platinum-palladium Drilling was completed in the early 2000’s and requires follow-up investigation from the EMX team. 

Results from gov’t till and alluvium sampling in 2016 shows increased chromite grain counts, both down ice and down stream of the FLIC – a similar signature of the Ring of Fire area. EMX plans to conduct peat geochemistry and SGH sampling over the interpreted target area, as outlined in MRD 399(6).


Surficial geochemistry samples from MRD322(5) Click to Enlarge
Regional scale magnetic survey of the Highbank Intrusive complex Click to Enlarge

*Nearby mines and deposits provide context for the project, but do not necessarily indicate similar size, styles or grade of mineralization within the project.
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