EMX’s Högbränna project has a large land position located in the prolific Skelleftea District in north central Sweden. The project area is in Lower Proterozoic (~1.8 Ga) submarine volcanic, sedimentary, and intrusive rocks. Several massive sulfide deposits occur in the Skellefte volcanics, and several small porphyry-type deposits exist in the older granitoids, which are coeval with the volcanics*. The project area is analogous to Tallberg’s Au-Cu porphyry style of mineralization.**

The project’s unique and untested target concepts are in an area historically explored for VMS mineralization associated with Skellefte Volcanincs. Targets include QSP alteration coincident with anomalous magnetic low indicating a buried felsic intrusion. Alterations grades outwards to hematite-bearing volcanics.

*Pär Weihed & Hans Schöberg (1991) Age of porphyry-type deposits in the Skellefte District, northern Sweden, Geologiska Föreningen i Stockholm Förhandlingar, 113:4, 289-294, DOI: 10.1080/11035899109453203.

**The Tallberg’s Au-Cu deposit projects provide context for EMX’s Hogbranna property, which occurs in a similar geologic setting. However, this is not necessarily indicative that the Högbränna property hosts mineralization with similar tonnages or grades


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