The Svärdsjö project is located in the world-class Bergslagen mining district. The project has similar geologic features as the famous Garpenberg Mine*. The project area has been actively mined for over 500 years with historic production of 1.04 Mt @ 0.6% Cu, 1.5% Pg, 4.5% Zn, and 0.4 g/t Au1.

The geology in Svärdsjö is strata-bound, dolomitic marble hosted, altered to skarn surrounded by heavily altered (hydrothermal and metamorphic) subvolcanic intrusions and volcanoclastics. Regional magnetics indicate a series of highly magnetic anomalies coincident with base metal occurrences that form a ring structure around a volcanic center. Other deposits in Bergslagen (Falun, Lovåsen (Tomtebo) and Trollberget)  occur on similar ring-type structures around volcanic centers.

In July 2021, EMX executed an agreement to sell the Svärdsjö Project to District Metals Corp (TSX-V: DMX). The agreement provides EMX with additional share equity, annual advanced royalty payments, and a 2.5% NSR. See EMX New Release dated July 22, 2021.

1 Historic production values are cited from Geologic Survey of Finland, Special Paper 53, Metallogenic areas in Sweden p. 154. 

*Nearby mines and deposits provide context for the project, but do not necessarily indicate similar size, styles or grade of mineralization within the project.


Geological map of area surrounding Svärdsjö and other nearby mines and deposits. Click to Enlarge
Magnetic map of Svärdsjö Click to Enlarge